Quit Gluten not your Happiness.

The most difficult part of having Celiac Disease is the psychological and social impacts it has on patient’s life. I have seen people with celiac disease feel miserable about their life. They always say they have to deal with anxiety, depression and many other mental health issues because of this. Adhering to a gluten-free diet causes severe stress on their families and social relationships, and thus they have a lower quality of life. Finding out a GF meal is never an easy task as when they have to go out to eat. They have to research before leaving the house and keep explaining everyone in the place about gluten free. So they feel, they are always being the odd one out. They prefer skipping social events because it’s awkward being the only one not eating. In the grocery shop they have to keep poring over every label of every packaged food they buy. People listen the words “gluten-free” and immediately roll their eyes. Every time they tell someone they need to eat gluten-free, they get a sense of being pulled off.

What I as a mom feel and help D learn is, not to feel bad about transitioning to gluten-free options. If anybody is pulling you off just for your dietary requirements, that person is not your friend. If your friends are the real ones they will themselves be willing to come to your place to enjoy and not just food. As friends and family are always the one who support you. They are there to keep quality of life high while still promoting strict dietary adherence. I always appreciate D reading the labels as I tell him that reading the label is good habit, it helps you to get introduced to the new taste and a variety of new options that could be available in the market. And your life could be more flavorful.

Quitting the negative people out of your life is more important than quitting gluten. I always make sure that D stays away from the family members who always say “ haiii mera beta yeh kya kar diya bhagwan ne tujhe” and start crying !! Everything that happens, happens for a reason. And now it’s a part of our life and accept with happiness. Just find your way to navigating how to manage it, it will become a part of your lifestyle. You have to live with it. You have to manage it. So it’s better to be with the people who will be providing you with positive vibes and food to keep you safe. You should present yourself in a way that others would want to take pride in keeping you safe.

Yes, Celiac Disease is an incurable autoimmune disease that has a huge impact on everyday life, but one should not be so negative. Although it feels like the world is crashing down, but trust me everything is going to be OK. Just Quit gluten and negative people around you. You will feel much better. You can run, breathe, dream and eat whatever you want to in a GF version.

The point is, people can choose to be miserable about their disease or you can choose to find the good, the happy and the positive in their everyday life. You should be so much to be thankful as it is not life threatening. And just hope for a cure in the future. Until then,

                                                                Quit Gluten and Be Happy!!


This is MY alphabet Q for “ Quit gluten not happiness”, in #BlogchatterA2Z AprilA2Z in “Parenting Tales with A Celiac Child”. Do share your experiences as it’s always incredibly beneficial to connect with others who share similar experiences.

Published by Dr. Jyoti Arora

A daughter a wife a mom a blogger a poet

3 thoughts on “Quit Gluten not your Happiness.

  1. I really love this one. Quit the worry and not the positivity and solutions! These advice are helpful for many in different aspects of life. Thankyou for sharing these!

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